Mick Vick Travels

‘Light, colour, smiles.’

Graham Dashwood, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

What’s it all about?

The purpose of this website is to allow me to share my experiences and adventures in some of the places I have visited over the years using a combination of photos and commentaries. I want to show the beauty of these locations with an emphasis on the simple joy of seeing wonderful things, and on humour and fun. For me, it a natural instinct to share what I’ve seen and done, so I hope this will inspire you to get out there and explore a few of these destinations yourselves.

Why the particular emphasis on Turkey? Well, I first visited in 1996 – and everything changed. There was, and still is, something about this particular country that called to me above all other places I’ve visited. I’m not alone in feeling this call. Some settle on the Costas of Spain or buy a chateau in France, but whoever you are and wherever it is, you certainly know when you’ve found your home and that, for my wife Jan and I, was the lovely town of Fethiye, and so when we finished work in 2019, this was the natural place for us to spend the first years of our retirement until we returned to the UK in 2022.

So come on in and take a tour with me. I can tell you that this website comprises three main parts. The first is devoted entirely to the beautiful, charming and endlessly enigmatic country of Turkey. The second part is about all the other countries we’ve visited, including Italy, Belgium, Morocco, Sri Lanka and The Maldives, plus all our travels around the UK. Finally, the third part is – um, how can I put it – a product of my undiminished delight for the odd, the queer and the quirky, and that is indeed a mighty subject.

I hope you enjoy the photos and commentaries I’ve written and the adventures I have experienced over the years. Please check back regularly to see my new posts – there’s plenty more still to share.

The site has been curated in a way that makes sense to me but I am happy to receive feedback and ideas for improvements. Also, please feel free to contact me and share your own travel tales.

Thank you,

Mike Vickers