The Seasons

Strolling through the year

  • Fethiye In Winter
    The pace of life slows in the off-season and with days often sunny and warm, Fethiye in winter is a delight, particularly when the mountains are topped with gleaming snow.
  • Remember The Winter?
    Frankly, there’s not much of a downside to winter around here, but while you’re enduring the full-on strength of high summer, I’ve offered a few viewing options of winter-themed films to take your mind off the relentless heat.
  • Springtime In Fethiye
    Join me on a bike ride along The Blue Path of Beauty into Fethiye where I enjoy the resurgence of scent and colour as flowers come into bloom once again.
  • Remember The Summer?
    When the wind howls and the lashing rain hits you sideways on, thoughts naturally turn to the balmy summer months, but beware – it’s not all good news!
  • Sonbahar – Autumn in and around Fethiye
    Welcomed by one and all after the fierce and unrelenting heat of summer, sonbahar heralds a second spring as the autumn rains stir life in parched soils around Fethiye.