Quirky Turkey

Quirky Turkey – you can’t quite believe your eyes

  • Linguistic Idiosyncrasies – Signs, Labels and Menus That Don’t Necessarily Help
    When two languages clash, the outcome can frequently range from confusion to hilarity. Here’s a few examples we’ve come across over the years.
  • If It Moves…
    Another look at the vast subject that is Turkish transportation. Did you know I once saw two Friesian cows in a minibus and a full-length ladder being carried sideways on a scooter?
  • Once Seen Never Forgotten
    When was the last time you did a double-take? It’s an almost daily occurrence in our lives when we see something incredibly beautiful or just joyously eccentric. My neck muscles have never been more toned!
  • Uniquely Turkish Transportation
    You see all sorts on the roads in Turkey, where necessity is very much the mother of invention. I always keep my camera handy when out and about to snap the truly wonderful.
  • Collective Nouns
    They’re all here – a piglet of peppers, a slurring of gin and a pandemic of toilet rolls, all thrown together for a bit of fun.