Other Fun Things

All the other interesting bits and pieces that don’t quite go elsewhere…

  • Some More Observations On Life Between Husband And Wife
    This second collection of offhand remarks and observations between Jan and I, once again accompanied by a random collection of orphan photos looking for a home.
  • A Life Shared With Animals
    We all share our lives with animals. They’re everywhere, from beloved pets to domesticated stock and true wild animals. Here’s an album of some we’ve met in Turkey over the years.
  • The Best Foods Begin With The Letter ‘C’
    Curry, chips, churros and cake. Lots of cake! Here’s a heartfelt tribute to my favourite C-based foods. More cake anyone?
  • Tissue Issue – A Look At Loos
    Ah, the rarely talked about subject of toilets. In this Loo Review, we take an affectionate look at the weird, wonderful and eccentric.
  • Observations On Life Between Husband And Wife
    All couples do this. Here’s some of the comments and one-liners between Jan and I, backed up by an eclectic collection of photos.