Travelling in Turkey

Travelling In Turkey – wonders around every corner

  • Springtime In Nif
    We stayed at a wonderfully tranquil rural retreat up in the hills behind Fethiye. Why travel to Japan when you can see all the cherry blossom you will ever want at Nif.
  • A Road Trip Across Europe With A Very Grumpy Cat!
    Fancy an adventure? We take a road trip from Fethiye to Gloucester, passing through nine countries and covering 4245km in the company of a very grumpy cat!
  • Meis, Megisti, Kastellorizo
    The beautiful island of Meis lies a few kilometres off Kaş. It is wonderfully relaxed, truly gorgeous and always worth a visit. One of our very favourite places.
  • To Rhodes And Symi By Gulet
    Although a faulty engine effected our cruise, it most certainly didn’t spoil it, and we were privileged to experience something really rather special as we visited two fabulous Greek islands.
  • Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul
    Split in two by the Bosphorus, Istanbul is one of the greatest cities on earth, possessing an extraordinary history, fabulous architecture and an energetic restlessness. What a place!
  • Selçuk and Ephesus
    A road trip north took us to Selçuk, a town blessed with more history than you can shake a stick at, including, would you believe, one of the original Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Eğirdir and the Turkish Lake District
    A trip inland to an area we’ve always passed through but never stopped in brings real delight, with balmy temperatures, clear air, stunning scenery, exceptionally friendly locals, great food – and surprisingly large amounts of lavender!
  • Get Away On A Gulet
    When the summer heat is too much, there’s no better relief than to enjoy a gulet cruise. We set sail from Fethiye and ambled down to Kekova and back, stopping in quiet bays, swimming in crystal clear waters and enjoying some top-notch cuisine.
  • Three Mountain Passes
    If you’re heading up to the mountains, here’s a trio of routes you might like to try. Each winding country road takes you over a remote high pass, with glimpses of traditional country life and, at the summit, wonderfully expansive views.
  • Post-Lockdown Pottering About!
    When lockdown was finally lifted, I had a think about some of the places that might be pleasant to visit, both locally and further afield. Starting in and around Fethiye and ranging right over to Cappadocia, here’s a few suggestions.
  • A Short Stay In Selimiye
    Released from Covid restrictions, we spent a few days over in the delightful seaside village of Selimiye on the Bozburun peninsula during the final week of the tourist season.
  • Antalya Kaleiçi
    Antalya is a teeming city of millions, but at its heart lies the Kaleici, a hidden gem of close-packed narrow streets, restored Ottoman houses, lovely parks and a Roman harbour, all encircled by ancient walls.
  • Elmali – A Town Of Mountains And Apples
    This lovely upland town is surrounded by mountains and is famed for its apples, grown in thousands of orchards across the valley. It’s one of our favourite places to visit, especially in summer – the altitude makes it so much cooler than Fethiye.
  • Charming Çıralı – And A Tribute To The D400
    Çıralı is a charming, traditional coastal village, famed for the ruins of ancient Olympos and the Chimaera, the eternal flames that sprout out of the ground. It’s quite a place – and we even managed to avoid scorching our shoes!
  • Back On Board The Turistik Dogu Ekspresi
    Aboard the train once more, we trundle back westwards again, visiting Divriği’s amazing Ulu Camii and hospital and wonderful Sivas before spending our final day in Ankara itself and paying our respects to Atatürk at the Anitkabir, his mausoleum at the heart of the capital.
  • Kars. The Colder The Weather, The Warmer The People.
    Bundled up against the bitter weather, we spend three days in Kars, visiting the haunting ruins of Ani right on the border with Armenia and taking a troika ride on the very firmly frozen Lake Çildir. Lordy, was it cold!
  • All Aboard the Turistik Dogu Ekspresi To Kars
    Join us on an epic 1300km railway journey eastwards right across Turkey to the thoroughly frozen town of Kars, stopping on the way to visit some wonderful places. Except Erzincan, where the train rumbled off. We were not on it!
  • Navigating Istanbul Airport
    The new hub airport at Istanbul is vast, yet easy to navigate. We passed through a few months after it opened back in 2019 and were seriously impressed. The terminal is by far the largest building I’ve ever been in – and the whole place is air conditioned! It makes Heathrow look like a shed!