Living In and Around Fethiye,  Tales From Turkey

Splendid Sunsets

Photographs by Mike Vickers

Feature photo above: Sailing home for supper

Sunset. We get one every day, usually just before nightfall. For the many months between early spring and late autumn, the evening skies around Fethiye are are flawless.That said, if any clouds do occasionally appear they add spectacle and drama. From Fethiye, the sun sets behind the peninsula, but from Çaliş and beyond, the sun sets over the sea, and that is something very special indeed. Think all sunsets are the same? Think again…

Canal Corner in Fethiye, with the sun setting behind the peninsula. Search in vain for a cloud…
No, not Thunderbird One launching from Tracy Island, but the sun kissing the crown of Red Island. A peaceful view from Çaliş promenade.
Birds heading for their nightly roost near Şovalye Island.
Four local lads enjoying a moment. There appeared to be a lot of romantic Instagramming to potential girlfriends…
Down near Kaş, a glorious early-evening spectacle over the Greek Island of Rho.
A tranquil moment at Zagros, on the way to Kabak from Faralya. That’s a big, big sky.
Golden islands in Fethiye Gulf.
Taking a slow row home with the evening’s catch.
Lady anglers share a serene evening on the kordon.
Above Butterfly Valley in Faralya.
Now that’s a glorious Disney-style sunset over the mountains behind Fethiye.
A very close celestial conjunction between Jupiter and the moon, taken last November from Keçiler just after sunset.
Fethiye Gulf, taken from Faralya.
A spectacularly fiery sky at Yaniklar beach. J. M. W. Turner would have loved this…
The perfect end to a perfect day.