Living In and Around Fethiye

Living In and Around Fethiye – mountains, sea and sun

  • A Life in Colour
    Months of brilliant sunshine really make colours fizz and pop in Turkey. Here’s a selection of cheerful photos to prove my point. Don’t forget your shades. Or welding goggles if it’s a particularly bright day!
  • Surprising Fethiye
    There’s so much more to Fethiye than the Paspatur and the seafront. I pootled around the back streets and discovered some intriguing sights. Did you know there’s a substantial waterfall in Fethiye?
  • Kaya
    While only a few kilometres from Fethiye as the crow flies, the Kaya valley is a rural oasis, green, fertile and dotted with numerous ruins, including the abandoned village of Karmylassos.
  • Splendid Sunsets
    There is something arresting about a sunset as that big old fiery ball of orange sinks below the horizon, usually last thing in the evening. Think they’re all the same? Think again.
  • Meeting New Friends
    Covid restrictions curtailed our freedom and denied us the company of friends, so I had to improvise and populated the garden with imaginary characters of a bushy nature. It was a bit worrying, to be honest…
  • Lockdown Living
    The arrival of the pandemic forced us all to adapt to the new normal, where we heard rumours you could swap an Andrex twin-pack for a Renault Clio. On a personal level, I built a Jenga tower out of toilet rolls worth more than several bitcoin while Jan struggled with a buffering TV.
  • FLOP
    Meet our furry friends, the cats and dogs who spend their lives living on the street. It can be a hard life, but only if you haven’t trained your humans properly…